IDEAcon 2020

(Okay, I’m trying this out from the phone app, let’s see how this goes…)

WeVideo is a sponsor for IDEAcon in Schaumburg, IL Feb 24-27. I’m wondering if anyone from this group will be there? I know I will, and Karen Corsello, who is also a WeVideo ambassador. Anyone else? It’d be fun to meet up!


Very far away for me. Doing STEM Summit 2020 (ESC1) on my end

Sounds like fun but I’m in VA so a bit of a drive for me. Wish I could go though. I love going to different conferences to see what topics are presented in different locations.

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Wish I could, but I’m in NY. Also, have school next week. This week is vacation.

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In the car, on my way home from visiting inlaws in Richmond. How far is that from you?

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I’ll be there, Jen! Looking forward to seeing you again. and meeting some other Illinois peeps


Richmond is about 2hrs away from me. I teach in the northern most part of VA but live in WV.

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Hey Jen!
I will be there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - look forward to seeing you there and hanging out.
Have a great day!

  • Andy

I happen to know that @karen.corsello will be at IDEAcon too! She’s amazing!


I’ve got your Monday afternoon session on my Sched - I hope to make it!


I’m so sorry that I’m jumping into this thread so late! I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed but now that IDEAcon has come and gone and 3rd trimester is about to start I think that I’m about to be in the clear. I am super excited to be a newly named WeVideo Ambassador! I promise that I’m going to become better about participating in this wonderful WeVideo Creator Community that you’ve created @jeremie.gluckman!


Thanks for being here @karen.corsello You’re the best!

I wish I could go. We are locked in a 24 hour curfew here in KSA. But I would consider it next year.

@whitney This event happened before shelter in place ordinances went into effect. Please stay home and stay safe :blue_heart: